Dear Rick Santorum:

You and I have a lot in common.

We are both American, politically active and Christian.  

We both want to encourage stability in families and desire to nourish the moral life of our nation.

I cannot fault you for caring about societal ills. I do,however, take issue with your conceptualization of them.

For example, you have accused poor young single mothers’ of causing poverty and criminality in our society and your solution is denying them public assistance.

I find this this to be a gross over simplification and an erred attribution.

While I am not a trained theologian, I am familiar with the Word. It says that our God came from the womb of a young, unmarried, poor girl.

God could have chosen anyone in the whole world to carry baby Jesus.

He could have chosen someone of noble lineage…someone wealthy… or someone married— people by your logic, who would be “more worthy” to carry God’s seed and “more likely” to set them on a righteous path.

Instead our omniscient and omnipotent God chose someone faithful.  

I am not encouraging unwed motherhood. But I do want to remind you that in the stories of the gospel God showed us He can use ANY of us to do good works. 

Remember Paul was once Saul and all the apostles were clearly flawed men.  

Much of Jesus’ ministry was teaching the world how to value ALL human life and to move vulnerable people from the margins of society to the center.

And yet, you as a Christian and a man of influence would value the life of the child and ignore the mother.

Please tell me why?

Why are you against policies that would fund schools so that every young woman has an opportunity to learn and prepare for a viable professional future? Why are you against making sure that every young woman has adequate access to health care?  How could you be against these things and yet expect to reduce the number of poor young women in need of welfare—with child or not?

 From both a practical and a religious understanding your logic is flawed.

 I hope you’ll reconsider.

-A fellow Christian