We are not defined by our experiences and identities, but they do inform us.

While I am marginalized as a woman of color, I am privileged as a Christian, heterosexual, cis, married, able-bodied, educated American who grew up middle-class and has traveled outside my country of origin.

These identities shape my experiences in the world and the posts that
I will make here.

I cannot change my experiences, nor would I want to, but I can stretch
myself to try to understand those of others.

That is the point of this blog.

This is what else you should know.

I believe that the world is in turmoil because people
unconsciously support structures that pin their opportunities for
success on their neighbors’ marginalization.

I believe in personal accountability.

I believe in grace.

I believe that people can be transformed by the renewing of their
minds. (Romans 12:2)

I believe that disparate experiences and understandings can be reconciled.

I believe people have the right to express their opinions, but they
should also be able to defend them based on facts and amend
them as sound reasoning calls for it.

So welcome to Svoir.

Disagree. Question. Debate. Be frank. But, I ask that you always
remember the intentions of the blog and pose comments that
honor its spirit.